Head magnifiers

36,42  (274,41 kn) 147,84  (1.113,90 kn) /pc

Head-mounted magnifiers (so-called optivisors), in addition to enabling the observation of details that are difficult to see with the human eye, have the great advantage that both hands remain free during operation. An additional advantage is the lighting, which enables a better focus on the selected observation point. Head-mounted magnifiers are excellently accepted in all occupations where it is necessary to combine precision and mobility in the work.

In order to meet our clients who are faced with a large selection of low-quality instruments on the market, we have selected several models that professionals, due to their quality, resistance and comfort in work, have recognized as equipment they can rely on.

Head magnifier with LED lighting

A stereoloupe with four interchangeable lenses will facilitate optimal adjustment of the magnification, and the LED lamp will additionally illuminate the working field. The lamp can be removed and used independently of the frame in which it is placed. The design of the magnifier is also suitable for those who wear prescription glasses.

Lenses / Working distance

1.2 x / 520 – 620 mm
1.8 x / 230 – 320 mm
2.5 x / 150 – 230 mm
3.5 x / 80 – 120 mm

  • 4 lenses
  • 3 batteries AAA 1.5 V
  • weight 140 g

Head magnifier with 2.5x magnification

Stereoloupe of Swiss quality and supreme wearing comfort, especially on the forehead. The hoop is optimally adapted to the shape of the head by means of a mechanism. The design allows wearing dioptric glasses.

  • ground and polished optical glass
  • 2.5 x increase
  • without lighting
  • fine leather lining
  • the softness of the forehead felt
  • working distance 30 cm
  • weight 366 g

Head magnifier with three magnifications

Stereo magnifier without lighting has three magnification options: 1.8x, 2.3x and 4.8x. The 1.8 x magnification lens has a very large field of view (approx. 6 x 8 cm) and a depth of field of approx. 5 cm. The working distance is 27 cm. By lowering the additional part, an increase of 2.3x is achieved, and by attaching the last lens, an increase of 4.8x is achieved. The hoop easily adapts to the shape of the head. Due to the low weight of only 110 g and the anatomical shape, the head magnifier is comfortable to wear even with glasses.

  • three magnification options (1.8 x, 2.3 x 4.8 x)
  • without lighting
  • weight 110 g
SKUProduct namePriceBuy
505603200Head magnifier with illumination, 4 interchangeable magnifiers with magnifications of 1.2 x / 1.8 x / 2.5 x / 3.5 x, weight 140 g75,90  (571,87 kn) /pc
505602000Head magnifier, 2.5 x magnification, polished glass lenses, exceptional comfort, weight 366 g147,84  (1.113,90 kn) /pc
505603100Head-mounted magnifier, variable magnification of 1.8 x / 2.3 x / 4.8 x, weight 110 g36,42  (274,41 kn) /pc

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