Cutting mat

19,90  (149,94 kn) 422,05  (3.179,94 kn) /pc

  • self-healing base – after each cut
  • long lasting
  • green and gray colors
  • protects your work surface and knives

There is a large selection of various cutting surfaces on the market, but according to past experience, few of these surfaces meet the quality requirements for professional use. All substrates from our assortment are characterized by top quality and durability, repeatedly confirmed in the most demanding cutting jobs.

We also have a large selection of professional aluminum rulers in our offer.

SKUInfoSize (cm)BojaPriceBuy
60 52052DIN A330 x 45Green19,90  (149,94 kn) /pc
60 52053DIN A245 x 60Green39,80  (299,87 kn) /pc
60 52054DIN A160 x 90Green66,35  (499,91 kn) /pc
60 52055DIN A090 x 120Green106,05  (799,03 kn) /pc
VI02DIN B0100 x 150Grey273,53  (2.060,91 kn) /pc
VI01XXL100 x 200Grey422,05  (3.179,94 kn) /pc

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