Aluminum picture frames with easy change

11,87  (89,43 kn) 61,71  (464,95 kn) /pc

Art exhibitions are often put up and taken down in museum and gallery spaces. By using an easily changeable frame, as well as our picture hanging system , you will save time setting up the exhibition. The frames are of high quality and are manufactured in the EU.

Changeable aluminum picture frames are ideal for both private and business premises. They are silver in color or imitation wood (oak) in brown color.

The appropriate choice of frame format and dimensions enables the framing of artistic and other graphics, as well as the framing of various photographs. For valuable works of art, we recommend that you place acid-free paper or cardboard as a barrier between the picture and the MDF board.

You can complete the beautiful and elegant appearance of artistic graphics, drawings or photographs by creating a suitable passepartout, which we can make to order upon request. You can see the selection of passepartout colors here .

The innovative rear attachment system for the rear of the frame is extremely easy to operate.

Each aluminum picture frame contains:

  • framework
  • glass
  • MDF background with integrated springs
  • hangers for vertical or horizontal installation
SKUBojaSize (cm)PriceBuy
SC0099Silver - matt21 x 29.711,87  (89,43 kn) /pc
SC0100Silver - matt30 x 4016,30  (122,81 kn) /pc
SC0101Silver - matt40 x 5019,25  (145,04 kn) /pc
SC0102Silver - matt50 x 7030,70  (231,31 kn) /pc
SC0103Silver - matt70 x 10049,15  (370,32 kn) /pc
SC0006Crna - mat21 x 29.711,87  (89,43 kn) /pc
SC0007Crna - mat30 x 4016,30  (122,81 kn) /pc
SC0008Crna - mat40 x 5019,25  (145,04 kn) /pc
SC009Crna - mat50 x 7030,70  (231,31 kn) /pc
SC010Crna - mat70 x 10049,15  (370,32 kn) /pc
SC0201White21 x 29.711,87  (89,43 kn) /pc
SC0202White30 x 4016,30  (122,81 kn) /pc
SC0203White40 x 5019,25  (145,04 kn) /pc
SC0204White50 x 7030,70  (231,31 kn) /pc
SC0205White70 x 10049,15  (370,32 kn) /pc
SC012Oak brown21 x 29.714,12  (106,39 kn) /pc
SC013Oak brown30 x 4020,02  (150,84 kn) /pc
SC014Oak brown40 x 5026,53  (199,89 kn) /pc
SC015Oak brown50 x 7040,64  (306,20 kn) /pc
SC0016Oak brown70 x 10061,71  (464,95 kn) /pc

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