Museum vacuum cleaner MU-888

27,86  (209,91 kn) 834,89  (6.290,48 kn) /pc, /set

The museum vacuum cleaner MU-888 is an ideal solution for vacuuming larger surfaces, as well as for careful vacuuming of works of art. This model is equipped with a multi-layer replaceable bag with a volume of 12 liters as well as an advanced filtration system of 6 consecutive stages and an “absolute” HEPA filter, which achieves a 99.990% efficiency of retaining dust particles, fungi and spores with a diameter of 0.3 microns. Fine adjustment of the suction power is performed using an electronic unit located on the side of the device.

  • ideal for archives, libraries and museums
  • maximum noise level: 64 db
  • maximum motor power: 1100 W 50/60 Hz
  • maximum suction power: 210 mbar
  • maximum air flow: 45 l/s
  • size: 390 x 340 x 425 mm
  • weight: 6.0 kg
  • set includes: museum vacuum cleaner, HEPA filter, set of metal tubes, attachment with wheels and floor brush, narrow attachment, additional set of special attachments with associated hose
SKUProduct nameDescriptionPriceBuy
CRMU888Museum vacuum cleaner MU-888set834,89  (6.290,48 kn) /set
CRMU850Replacement bags for vacuum cleaner MU-888. set of 5 pcsset27,86  (209,91 kn) /set
CRMU852Carbon bag for HEPA motor filterpcs43,88  (330,61 kn) /pc
CRMU853HEPA filter. motorfilter before the enginepcs102,42  (771,68 kn) /pc
CRMU857HEPA filter. output filter behind the enginepcs87,78  (661,38 kn) /pc

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