Starch adhesive

10,60  (79,87 kn) /pc

Universal bookbinding glue for paper, cardboard and leather. It is suitable for gluing paper such as ex-libris stickers, hanging works on paper, repairing damage on book pages.

  • reversible, pH 6-6.5
  • semi-prepared
  • no need to cook
  • add 10% CaCO3 for buffering
  • it is mixed with water in a ratio of 1:4
  • add water and stir until completely dissolved
  • if necessary, add more water or glue to achieve the desired viscosity
  • packaging: 500 g

Additional possibilities: By adding PVA glue to starch glue, a versatile and multi-use material is obtained. Even small amounts of PVA glue can cause the glue to become water insoluble after drying. The drying time of such a mixture is shortened compared to the drying time of pure starch glue, and also in this case the treated paper swells less when wet.

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60 52000500 g10,60  (79,87 kn) /pc

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