Aslan and Filmoplast

13,03  (98,17 kn) 319,98  (2.410,89 kn) /pc

Aslan P 025

This ultra-thin, high-transparency tape is designed specifically for use in libraries and allows almost invisible repairs to torn or torn pages, sheet music and drawings. It is also intended for strengthening and repairs on the inner folds of books. When photocopying or scanning pages fixed with this tape, shadows do not appear. The tape is made of special acid-free paper without lignin, which has a PTS certificate for time stability, and has also passed the PAT ( Photographic Activity Test ). The weight of the paper is 20 g/m2, while the basic pH value is 7.5 – 8.0. The glue is polyacrylate, transparent, pH neutral and preserves cellulose fibers. The amount of glue is 25g/m2.

Filmoplast P

Filmoplast P, repair tape for repairing torn sheets and documents, is used in many libraries and archives. This thin, clear paper tape is made from special wood-free paper and coated with a thin layer of archival-quality, pressure-activated adhesive. If, after installation, it is ironed using a spatula or a bending bone , Filmoplast P is practically invisible and no difference can be seen between the original and the repaired side. Paper and glue are buffered with calcium carbonate and the tape has a pH value of around 9.2. In addition to repairing torn parts, it can also be used for hanging light photos and prints, reinforcing folds of folders and other papers.

Aslan P 045

The self-adhesive tape made of white paper is designed for repairing torn pages, inside covers and folds of books, strengthening the edges and spines of books, as well as for repairing passe-parts. Polyacrylate glue is resistant to aging, transparent, pH neutral, does not yellow and preserves cellulose fibers. The tape is flexible, easily and quickly sticks to the inner folds. The paper is buffered with calcium carbonate, has passed PAT and has a PTS certificate, which is proof of the long-lasting quality of this tape. The basic pH value of this paper without lignin is 7.5 – 8.0. The thickness is 45 µm.

Filmoplast P90

Filmoplast P90 tape is used to repair joints and restore torn and dropped parts of books. This white paper tape is made from long fiber archival paper, slightly thicker than Filmoplast P and is also coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive. It is an excellent solution for repairing joints, restoring torn and dropped parts, hanging and repairing the edges of damaged pages of books and documents. The tape is made of wood-free paper, does not contain acids and is buffered with calcium carbonate and has a pH value of around 8.7.

Aslan SK-F

Self-adhesive tape made of high-quality white cotton fabric is designed for strengthening and repairing the inside covers and spines of books. The fabric is flexible, very resistant to ageing, dust and tearing, it is acid-free and ideal for use in libraries. The glue is made of pure solvent-free polyacrylate, with a pH value of 7-8.

Filmoplast SH

Filmoplast SH is made of fine linen tape covered with a strong adhesive with high adhesion. It is most commonly used for attaching hard covers to a book block, joining a passe-partout window to a background, and any other application that requires strength and durability. The glue is pH neutral and does not contain solvents, it is extremely durable and will not dry out or crack over time.

Filmoplast R

Filmoplast R, a tape for archival book repairs, is made of fibers with a high content of alpha -cellulose, coated on one side with a thermally activated acid-free acrylic copolymer adhesive that does not contain solvents. This tape is intended for reinforcing fragile papers to prevent them from further disintegration, repairing torn and filling missing parts. The tape and adhesive are buffered with calcium carbonate. Filmoplast R can be applied using a restoration iron , soldering iron or heat press – the recommended temperature is 120° C. The tape is reversible and can be removed using acetone or by careful heating.

SKUProduct namePriceBuy
AP025Aslan P 025, dim. 2 cm x 50 m13,26  (99,91 kn) /pc
FMPFilmoplast P, tape for repairs, dim. 2 cm x 50 m16,37  (123,34 kn) /pc
FMP4Filmoplast P, tape for repairs, dim. 4 cm x 50 m32,73  (246,60 kn) /pc
AP045Aslan P 045, dim. 2 cm x 50 m13,26  (99,91 kn) /pc
FMP90Filmoplast P 90, repair tape, dim. 2 cm x 50 m16,37  (123,34 kn) /pc
FMP904Filmoplast P 90, repair tape, dim. 4 cm x 50 m32,73  (246,60 kn) /pc
ASKF2Aslan SK-F, dim. 2 cm x 25 m13,13  (98,93 kn) /pc
ASKF3Aslan SK-F, dim. 3 cm x 25 m18,57  (139,92 kn) /pc
FMPSHFilmoplast SH tape, dim. 2 cm x 25 m14,56  (109,70 kn) /pc
FMPSH3Filmoplast SH tape, dim. 3 cm x 25 m24,15  (181,96 kn) /pc
FMR2Filmoplast R, repair tape, dim. 2 cm x 50 m13,03  (98,17 kn) /pc
FMR62Filmoplast R, repair tape, dim. 62 cm x 50 m319,98  (2.410,89 kn) /pc

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