Polyethylene bags with zipper

10,87  (81,90 kn) 48,43  (364,90 kn) /pkg

The bags with a patent closure are made of chemically inert polyethylene and protect the stored contents from dust, environmental impurities and other contamination that may arise as a result of manipulation. Ziplock bags are an excellent solution for storing various items, especially numerous small artifacts, fragments, geological and archaeological samples or powdery substances.

  • 100% polyethylene
  • high-quality patent zip closure ensures long-term use
  • a large selection of formats
SKUSize (cm)Pcs/PkgThicknessPriceBuy
RF10404 x 6100050 microns10,87  (81,90 kn) /pkg
RF10505 x 7.5100050 microns12,06  (90,87 kn) /pkg
RF10657 x 10100050 microns18,17  (136,90 kn) /pkg
RF10510 x 1550050 microns15,38  (115,88 kn) /pkg
RF16016.5 x 2250050 microns30,91  (232,89 kn) /pkg
RF20020 x 2550050 microns42,86  (322,93 kn) /pkg
RF22022 x 30.550050 microns47,77  (359,92 kn) /pkg
RF24024 x 3150050 microns45,11  (339,88 kn) /pkg
RF25025 x 3525050 microns32,50  (244,87 kn) /pkg
RF360-7536 x 4510075 microns34,23  (257,91 kn) /pkg
RF45045 x 55100100 microns43,52  (327,90 kn) /pkg
RF50050 x 61100100 microns48,43  (364,90 kn) /pkg

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