Supporting cartons

18,23  (137,35 kn) 21,32  (160,64 kn) /pkg

These sturdy, archival, buffered, backing boards are used to separate and stabilize a set of documents on the back and front, and to protect them from soiling and tearing. We recommend filing binders for binding .

  • Premium quality archival cardboard
  • pH 8.0 – 9.0
  • DIN ISO 9706, PAT
  • CaCO3 buffer 4%
  • pure cellulose
  • on request we can offer formats of other dimensions
  • package: 100 pieces
SKUSize (cm)Thickness (g/m2)BojaPriceBuy
20 9339029.7 x 21.0300Light grey18,23  (137,35 kn) /pkg
20 9340029.7 x 21.0450Blue-grey21,32  (160,64 kn) /pkg

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