Films for packaging and transport

3,70  (27,88 kn) 184,00  (1.386,35 kn) /pc, /roll

“Crackling” three-layer foil

Air foil (film with air cushions or bubbles / air bubble ) is one of the products that the Museum for Modern Art from New York – the city where it happened to be created – in 2004. included in a series of exquisitely designed everyday objects called “Humble Masterpiece”. About 60 years have passed since its discovery, and transparent bubble wrap still does not lose its functionality. It has been accepted in various industries because it has proven to be of equal quality in protecting sensitive as well as large and heavy objects. Moreover, new variants of this film are being created.

A three-layer air film with numerous qualities is recognized as particularly high-quality. Air cushions absorb vibrations and shocks well during transport, transparency enables easy recognition of wrapped objects without unnecessary opening, elasticity facilitates packing, and due to its robustness it is resistant to gusts of wind that can easily tear ordinary nylon films. It is also an excellent thermal insulator and protects against water.

We have included three dimensions of the air film in the standard offer, and we can also offer you other dimensions and variants.

Of the other materials complementary to the foils with airbags, we recommend transport cardboard boxes .

  • three-layer
  • dampens vibrations and shocks
  • good insulator
  • elastic and transparent
  • for packaging sensitive items
  • to fill in the blanks
  • resists the wind
  • drifts hard
  • not for long-term storage

Stretch film for manual packaging

Stretch films are characterized by high transparency, elasticity and adhesiveness. In addition to being used to wrap individual items, to protect them from dirt and minor damage, they firmly hold layers of goods or packages together. This property proved to be excellent for palletizing, so today’s transport is unthinkable without stretch film.

Versatility and simple application have made them a standard auxiliary material in industry and in the household.

  • quality polyethylene film (LLDPE)
  • resistant to tearing
  • from other materials for temporary storage and transport, we offer several sizes of transport boxes
SKUProduct nameDimenzijaCijena €/m2PriceBuy
151P021Protective three-layer "crackling" film with air bubbles0.5 x 300 m0.4669,00  (519,88 kn) /roll
151P005Protective three-layer "crackling" film with air bubbles1.25 x 200 m0.46115,00  (866,47 kn) /roll
151P006Protective three-layer "crackling" film with air bubbles1.5 x 200 m0.46138,00  (1.039,76 kn) /roll
151P016Protective three-layer "crackling" film with air bubbles2.0 x 200 m0.46184,00  (1.386,35 kn) /roll
151P015Stretch foil20 microns. 12.5 cm x 150 m.3,70  (27,88 kn) /pc
151P003Holder for stretch filmwidth 10 cm.10,60  (79,87 kn) /pc
151P002Stretch foil23 microns. width 50 cm. 5 kg.18,17  (136,90 kn) /pc

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