Pigma micron pen

2,88  (21,70 kn) 15,76  (118,74 kn) /pc, /set

Set of 6 pencils of different thicknesses (.20 mm, .25 mm, .30 mm, .35 mm, .45 mm, .50 mm)

Set of 3 pencils of different thicknesses (.30 mm, .40 mm, .50 mm)

  • pigment-based ink is extremely stable and of the highest archival quality
  • waterproof, chemically resistant and does not fade
  • on most papers it does not penetrate to the second page, does not spill and is resistant to smearing
  • meets ASTM and ACMI standards for non-toxicity

Pigma micron pens contain permanent pigment-based ink that enables smooth drawing and guarantees consistent handwriting and lines of equal thickness. Archival-quality ink is fade-resistant, waterproof, spill-proof and smudge-resistant. Pigma micron pens are ideal for inventory in archives, illustrations, making scrapbooks and many other applications.

SKUInfoBojaThickness (mm)PriceBuy
60 XSDK-P66-PackBlack(.20 mm .25 mm .30 mm .35 mm .45 mm .50 mm)15,76  (118,74 kn) /set
60 XSDK-P33-PackBlack(.30 mm .40 mm .50mm)8,60  (64,80 kn) /set
XSDK005-49.Black0.202,88  (21,70 kn) /pc
XSDK01-49.Black0.252,88  (21,70 kn) /pc
XSDK02-49.Black0.302,88  (21,70 kn) /pc
XSDK03-49.Black0.352,88  (21,70 kn) /pc
XSDK04-49.Black0.402,88  (21,70 kn) /pc
XSDK05-49.Black0.452,88  (21,70 kn) /pc
XSDK08-49.Black0.502,88  (21,70 kn) /pc
XSDK05-19.Red0.452,88  (21,70 kn) /pc
XSDK05-29.Green0.452,88  (21,70 kn) /pc
XSDK05-36.Blue0.452,88  (21,70 kn) /pc

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