Museum vacuum cleaner MU-555

16,71  (125,90 kn) 472,55  (3.560,43 kn) /m, /set

The museum vacuum cleaner MU-555 is a compact, light and portable solution for professional dust removal from all surfaces and even hard-to-reach places. This model is equipped with a multi-layer replaceable bag with a volume of 1.2 liters as well as an advanced filtration system of 6 consecutive stages and an “absolute” HEPA filter, which achieves a 97.997% efficiency of retaining dust particles, fungi and spores with a diameter of 0.3 microns. The double adjustment system ensures a more efficient adjustment of the suction power. By adding or removing special adapters, it is possible to choose one of the three available suction power settings (400W/500W/1000W). After regulation via the adapter, additional fine adjustment of the suction power is performed using an electronic unit located on the side of the device.

  • the best-selling European vacuum cleaner for archives and libraries
  • an additional set of 5 special extensions with the associated hose
  • 5 replacement bags
  • adapters for power adjustment
  • carrying bag
  • HEPA filter
  • a large selection of additional cleaning attachments
  • shoulder strap
  • size: 315 x 120 x 185 mm
  • weight: 2.2 kg
  • set includes: museum vacuum cleaner, hepa filter, extra set of tubes, replacement bags, carrying bag

Bags and attachments for the museum vacuum cleaner

Safety net

The protective net is made of fiberglass covered with a layer of PVC and is most often used to protect sensitive and valuable fabrics during cleaning with a museum vacuum cleaner. The protective net prevents loosely attached fibers or weakened parts of the fabric from being torn off and picked up in the vacuum cleaner.

The protective net can be used as a support and protection of fabrics when washing them or moving washed items. The protective net can be placed in the container/basin in which textile items are washed, which enables them to be removed and moved from the container without the need to directly touch the fabric itself. The latter is particularly important since fabrics are most sensitive when they are completely wet and soaked with water.

  • example of cleaning with a museum vacuum cleaner with the help of a protective mesh

SKUProduct nameDescriptionPriceBuy
CRMU01Museum vacuum cleaner MU-555set472,55  (3.560,43 kn) /set
CRMU02Replacement bags for vacuum cleaner MU-555. set of 5 pcsset16,71  (125,90 kn) /set
CRMU03Attachments for vacuum cleaner MU-555. larger. goat and horse hair brushesset45,98  (346,44 kn) /set
CRMU04Attachments for vacuum cleaner MU-555. smaller. goat brushes. horse and pig hair. 3 x 2 pcsset54,47  (410,40 kn) /set
RP9Conservamesh protective netting. width 122 cm.18,57  (139,92 kn) /m

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