Museum mounting board

3,50  (26,37 kn) 30,96  (233,27 kn) /sht

  • acid free
  • without chlorine
  • buffered
  • made of the best cellulose
  • the addition of CaCO3 to the pulp results in an acid-free, buffered paperboard with an alkaline reserve
  • resistance to aging
  • cartons are made according to the highest standards DIN 6738:1992 and ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992

Moorman museum cardboards represent a completely different product from ordinary cardboards for making passe-parts. They are made of several layers of the same buffered material. Museum cartons were produced at the express request of museums to enable them to frame and store valuable works on paper as well as historical and other documents that are extremely valuable and need to be preserved for hundreds of years so that future generations can use them.

The well-known high-quality museum cardboard is made exclusively from the best pulp of the highest quality. By adding a special type of CaCO 3 , acid-free buffered museum cardboard with an alkaline reserve is obtained, which prevents the appearance of acid and aging of the cardboard. In addition, the cardboard layers are connected in a completely continuous monolithic unit, and the gluing is done in a completely acid-free environment.

Moorman museum cardboard has a smooth surface and great strength. The surface of the cardboard is uniform and easy to cut without signs of wear. Cardboards are available in several weights and colors.

To make a passe-partout folder from our museum cardboard, click here .

Museum cartons meet the strictest valid criteria:

DIN 6738:1992:
Papers and cardboard: Life-Classification
Lifetime -Class 24-85 – Permanent cardboard resistant to aging

ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992:
Durability of paper for printed library materials

ISO CD 9706:1994:
Data and documentation: Paper for documentation – Requirements for durability .

Museum card Moorman

Note: possible order in WHITE and IVORY. Contact us for availability and delivery times.

SKUSize (cm)Grammage (g/m2)Thickness (mm)BojaPriceBuy
1012092270 x 1004000.5Cream3,50  (26,37 kn) /sht
800270 x 1008001.1Cream6,60  (49,73 kn) /sht
800390 x 1208001.1Cream9,59  (72,26 kn) /sht
800470 x 10012001.6Cream9,59  (72,26 kn) /sht
800590 x 12012001.6Cream14,18  (106,84 kn) /sht
801590 x 12012001.6Ivory14,18  (106,84 kn) /sht
8006120 x 16012001.6Natural25,21  (189,94 kn) /sht
800770 x 10016002.2Cream12,89  (97,12 kn) /sht
800890 x 12016002.2Cream18,91  (142,48 kn) /sht
801890 x 12016002.2Ivory18,91  (142,48 kn) /sht
8009120 x 16016002.2Natural30,96  (233,27 kn) /sht
802270 x 10020002.7Cream13,70  (103,22 kn) /sht
801090 x 12020002.7Cream23,49  (176,99 kn) /sht
801690 x 12020002.7Ivory23,49  (176,99 kn) /sht

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