Acid-free archival cardboard for creating portfolios, folders, models and boxes

13,99  (105,41 kn) 17,99  (135,55 kn) /pc

We have chosen thinner archival full cardboards that are especially suitable for the independent creation of portfolios, folders, models and boxes. Their excellent grooving and bending properties come to the fore primarily due to the high proportion of long fibers and their transverse-longitudinal direction. They are made without optical brighteners and have passed PAT according to ISO 18916.

The inner side is naturally white, the alkaline buffer neutralizes acids, and the very smooth surface reduces the possibility of abrasive action. The gray-blue color of the exterior is specially refined to be resistant to dust and dirt. Cardboard boxes are effective in many ways, from providing support during manipulation to protection from atmospheric pollution.

  • for independent creation of portfolios, folders, models and boxes
  • 0.9 and 1.3 mm thick
  • gray blue/natural white
  • PAT
  • pH 7.5 – 10.0 (non-acidic)
  • 100% bleached cellulose
  • without wood fibers
  • kappa number< 5 (without lignin)
  • alkaline buffer,> 3% natural calcium carbonate
  • without optical brighteners
  • cartons are sold in packs: 15 sheets per pack. (670 g/m2) and 10 sheets per pack. (955 g/m2)

You can see an example of making a box from acid-free archival cardboard here , using an example of archival cardboard of similar quality.

SKUSize (cm)Thickness (mm)Weight (g/m2)PriceBuy
K04799090104 x 147.30.967013,99  (105,41 kn) /pc
K04799130104 x 147.31.395517,99  (135,55 kn) /pc

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