Humidity Indicator Cards

1,31  (9,87 kn) 5,99  (45,13 kn) /pc

Indicator cards for relative humidity 10 – 100 %

Relative humidity indicator cards provide a simple and economical way to control RH levels in and around museum display cases, various exhibits, entire collections and within various other spaces. The RV level is presented on a scale with 10% increments. When changing the RV value, the chemically impregnated fields on the cards change color accordingly. Cards can change color multiple times, depending on RV changes.

  • card dimensions: 37 x 108 mm

Indicator cards for relative humidity 10 – 60%

Six point relative humidity indicator cards without cobalt chloride. Dot color: cobalt bromide. Color change from blue (dry) to pink. For tentative checking of the climate (accuracy in practice less than 10% RH).

Color change at 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 and 60 % RH.

SUCARD009515 - 95 %37 x 108 mm5,99  (45,13 kn) /pc
SUCARD003010-60%38 x 105 mm1,31  (9,87 kn) /pc

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