Silica-gel E (classic) white, without indicator (packages 1 – 5 kg)

15,91  (119,87 kn) 72,98  (549,87 kn) /pc

Silica gel E comes in the form of spherical balls that ensure easier air flow. This shape of the balls enables placing this silica gel in thick layers for better absorption.

  • without saturation indicator
  • translucent white
  • absorption capacity at a temperature of 25 °C: 34 % of its own weight at 80 % RH; 20 – 25% of own weight at 40% RH; 11% of own weight at 20% RH
  • density 790 g/l
  • internal area 800 m²/year
  • you can dry this silica gel repeatedly in the oven at temperatures between 130 and 150 °C (it is preferable that the oven is equipped with a fan)
  • granule size 2 – 5 mm (granules of 1 – 3 mm size are also available upon request, price on request)
  • You can read more about silica gel, types and how they work HERE
  • we also offer desiccant and practical small packs of silica gel
SKUProduct namePack sizePriceBuy
SGB-1Silica-gel E1 kg15,91  (119,87 kn) /pc
SGB-5Silica-gel E5 kg72,98  (549,87 kn) /pc

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