Desiccant-bags (packages of 30 – 250 grams)

9,28  (69,92 kn) 31,84  (239,90 kn) /pkg

  • natural clay (bentonite) is packed in non-woven bags and does not release dust (meets DIN 55473)
  • Bentonite effectively reduces moisture at temperatures up to 50 °C. When shipping goods to areas with a tropical climate, the use of classic silica gel is recommended. Water vapor absorption of bentonite is equivalent to the absorption of classic silica gel up to a level of 40% RH, and above the stated value silica gel has a higher efficiency.
  • one 30 g bag is sufficient for a space with a volume of 17 liters (approximately 30.5 x 30.5 x 18.3 cm).
  • NEW from now on, 30 gram bags are packed as well as 250 gram bags, which are supplied together with an indicator card for easy monitoring of the relative humidity in the package, thus guaranteeing that the desiccant is active, unsaturated and ready for use
  • bag dimensions: 30 g – 100 x 65 x 10 mm; 250 g – 150 x 145 x 18 mm
  • you can read more about desiccants, types and how they work HERE
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DPK 30Silica-gel, desiccant-bags 30 grams10 bags9,28  (69,92 kn) /pkg
DPK 250Silica-gel, desiccant-bags 250 grams10 bags31,84  (239,90 kn) /pkg

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