MUSEUM PRESTIGE picture hanging system

0,82  (6,18 kn) 59,56  (448,75 kn) /pc, /set

The MUSEUM PRESTIGE NEWLY R70 picture hanging system has an exceptionally strong construction and is intended for the highest safety requirements, especially in circumstances of high turnover of visitors such as in museums. The rail has an extraordinary load capacity of 70 kg/m. The load capacity of the safety hanger and the Twister steel guide, which for MUSEUM PRESTIGE has a thickness of 2.5 mm, is also 70 kg.

We especially emphasize that with the help of two guides and hangers, the maximum load can be increased to even 100 kg.

The rail consists of two parts. The main part is mounted on the wall using a well-designed alignment method, and the second part is connected to the main part by pressing or clicking after assembly. In this way, stability is ensured, but also the aesthetic impression of inconspicuousness.

Due to its extraordinary robustness, MUSEUM PRESTIGE also allows large and heavy formats the advantages of simple hanging and replacement of pictures without unnecessary drilling and destruction of walls with new holes. If necessary, the rails can be repainted and thus fit even better into the space in which they are located. A 10-year warranty ensures that these rails are truly built to last and perform flawlessly.

  • high quality aluminum
  • load capacity up to 70 kg
  • invisible guide head
  • color white primer
  • rail warranty of 10 years

The MUSEUM PRESTIGE picture hanging system consists of the following elements:

  • gallery rail with a load capacity of 70 kg/m
  • 2.5 mm thick Twister guide, 70 kg capacity
  • safety hanger with a load capacity of 70 kg
  • end cap

1. The gallery rail is the basic part of the picture hanging system. Once installed, the gallery rail provides a permanent solution for quickly hanging pictures or decorations and for their replacement without constant drilling and destroying the walls with new holes. The rail for the MUSEUM PRESTIGE R70 system consists of two parts: the main part that is mounted on the wall and the cover that covers the inside of the rail.

Dimensions: 15 x 48.5 mm, a length of 2 meters is available with the possibility of shortening and cutting to adapt the rail to your needs.

Load capacity: up to 70 kg per meter.

2. Twister guide – steel with a thickness of 2.5 mm and a length of 2 m with a load capacity of 70 kg. The guide enables horizontal (left-right) movement of pictures, posters, or decorations. When the pictures, posters or decorations are heavier, it is necessary to add another guide.

3. Safety hanger – with a load capacity of up to 70 kg, it enables safe handling and great time saving. In the case of paintings, posters or decorations of greater weight, it is necessary to add another hanger on the additional guide.

Using the hanger is very simple:

  • you put it on the guide
  • you move the hanger to the desired height with the spring over the nylon guide
  • by pressing your fingers, you fix the hanger at the selected height
  • hang a picture on the front hook.

If you change exhibits frequently (at least 3 to 4 times a year) or if you hang a large number of exhibits, saving time is an absolute advantage and a reason to choose hangers that are used with a guide.

4. End cap – used to close the first and last rail and ensures safety against the guide falling out of the rail when pulling left-right.

5. Assemblythe assembly set is not included in the price of the rail, one assembly set is sufficient for mounting one R70 rail 2 meters long ; follow the instructions received.

SKUProduct namePriceBuy
6110200Gallery rail R70, white, museum, 200 cm, load capacity up to 70 kg/m59,56  (448,75 kn) /pc
6200200Twister guide rail, museum, 2.5 mm thick steel, length 200 cm, load capacity 70 kg/m13,22  (99,61 kn) /pc
6100100Hanger H70, museum, load capacity 70 kg22,44  (169,07 kn) /pc
6100050Assembly set for one museum rail R7018,06  (136,07 kn) /set
6100040End cap for gallery rail R700,82  (6,18 kn) /pc

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