Dry Cleaning Sponge

6,34  (47,77 kn) /pc

  • from natural rubber
  • for dry cleaning

The sponge made of natural vulcanized rubber does not contain any chemical additives and is a safe, non-toxic and economical solution for dry cleaning that leaves no traces or residue. It is suitable for cleaning dry surfaces such as books, paper, leather, walls, paintings and is an indispensable aid in the restoration of paper, cleaning walls, frescoes and “a sacco” wall paintings.

With this sponge you can easily remove dirt, dust, smoke or soot, just start from the top of the object and go over the entire surface with slow, even movements in one direction. Do not press hard on the surface of the object or rub hard on the surface you are cleaning. Cleaning should only be done when the sponge is completely dry. The sponge should not be exposed to heat or sunlight for a long time. After use, you can store the sponge in a plastic bag in a dark and dry place.

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60A220S153 x 73 x 456,34  (47,77 kn) /pc

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