Soap Vulpex

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Vulpex liquid soap is a safe means for cleaning practically all materials, from paper to stone.

  • alkaline
  • does not create foam
  • it is not corrosive
  • antibacterial

Thanks to its exceptional versatility, Vulpex soap has been since its introduction in 1970. became an extremely popular and indispensable material that is used in all types of restoration and conservation of works of art and historical heritage. Vulpex soap has proven to be an extremely successful product for safe and controlled cleaning of all types of materials – from feathers, costumes, leather, carpets and furniture to oil paintings, armour, precious metals, shells, marble and stone.

Vulpex quickly and successfully attacks and disperses within dirt, grease, oil, mineral oil, waxes and hydrocarbons. The aforementioned emulsions containing impurities and Vulpex soap are extremely stable and therefore easy to remove. Unlike standard commercial cleaners, Vulpex penetrates deep into the microcracks where dirt collects.

Compared to aggressive cleaning agents that are based on acids, Vulpex has an alkaline base and therefore does not cause damage to the object or is harmful to health. A final rinse or wipe with clean water neutralizes the object’s surface and ensures the absence of any residues that could cause problems during conservation and long-term storage.

If the object requires cleaning with a system that does not contain water (for example, removing soot from leather), Vulpex soap can be mixed with mineral spirits (thinner/organic solvent “white spirit”) instead of water.

Vulpex soap is supplied as a thick concentrate and needs to be diluted before use. For normal cleaning, Vulpex is mixed with water in a ratio of 1:6 or 1:7. If the object is not very dirty, a larger proportion of water can be added to the solution. If Vulpex is mixed with solvents, ratios between 1:10 and 1:20 are recommended.

Since Vulpex soap is extremely effective at breaking down grease, it is recommended to use protective gloves to prevent the loss of natural oils from the skin of the hands. If it is not possible to use gloves, it is recommended to use lanolin cream after cleaning with Vulpex soap. It is also necessary to ensure eye protection from accidental splashing and contact with soap.

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