GROOM/STICK dry cleaning agent for paper

17,24  (129,89 kn) /pc

A unique non-abrasive paper cleaner

GROOM/STICK is a new type of flexible rubber that has specific properties that ensure exceptional efficiency for dry cleaning.

The natural structure of the rubber has been modified in order to obtain a consistently soft, flexible mass that adheres extremely well. GROOM/STICK does not contain solvents, chemical additives, nor does it release moisture.

This non-abrasive agent does not leave stains on paper and thoroughly removes various substances – such as graphite, all types of charcoal, chalk, colored chalk, dry powder paints, mold spores, dust, mud and grease.

The cleaning process is extremely fast and leaves no traces or stains. The attached pictures show the cleaning process by “rolling” a small amount of the agent over freshly printed newspapers. Excess ink is removed immediately – without leaving any smudges on the printed text or unwanted transfer of ink to clean parts of the paper.

GROOM/STICK does not leave dirty fragments that must be removed later with a cleaning brush, and it also successfully removes mold spores that can develop on inaccessible parts.

80 GRMS100g17,24  (129,89 kn) /pc

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