Foam Planks

15,45  (116,41 kn) 44,78  (337,39 kn) /pc

Quality protection of valuable objects is especially important during their transport, which carries with it an increased risk of mechanical damage. The density of expanded polyethylene will absorb shocks during handling and transportation, will not significantly increase the weight of the shipment, and according to the objects, it is pH-neutral and has delicate surfaces.

  • for transport, storage and packaging of fragile items
  • extremely light
  • they soften the blows
  • simple design
  • pH-neutral
  • density 16 kg/m3
151P10White1200 x 2000 x 10 mm15,45  (116,41 kn) /pc
151P20White1200 x 2000 x 20 mm29,88  (225,13 kn) /pc
151P30White1200 x 2000 x 30 mm44,78  (337,39 kn) /pc

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