Sponge for dry cleaning Akapad

6,62  (49,88 kn) 10,60  (79,87 kn) /pc

Akapad (formerly Wishab) dry cleaning sponges, for safe cleaning of dirt on documents, oil paintings, frescoes, murals and walls, printed or handmade maps, books, certificates, watercolors, etc. (not suitable for regular/graphite pencil pictures!). Economical and easy to use.

Size 9.0 x 7.0 x 4.5 cm, ph neutral, yellow vulcanized latex rubber with blue handle. Hold the sponge by the blue handle and clean the surface with the yellow part.

SKUProduct namePriceBuy
10 22 410Sponge for dry cleaning, soft, yellow6,62  (49,88 kn) /pc
10 22 420Sponge for dry cleaning, hard, yellow7,95  (59,90 kn) /pc
10 22 430Dry cleaning sponge for paper, white10,60  (79,87 kn) /pc

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