Restoration pump / sprayer

7,95  (59,90 kn) /pc

A pump designed for intensive use with industrial liquids, this sprayer is equipped with a specially designed nozzle that prevents clogging and allows for virtually infinite variations in spray patterns, from a fine mist to a powerful stream of liquid. Thanks to the quality nozzle, the spray pattern will remain consistent and you won’t have to adjust it again until you want a different spray.

Recommended use: water, deacidification solutions, liquid waxes, detergent, bleach, ceramic cleaners, leather polishers and many other applications.

Anti-clogging nozzle: precise thanks to the 0.30 mm opening that prevents dust from entering. A fine nylon filter on the supply tube prevents clogging of the nozzle.

Adjusting the spray mode: with a simple twist, you can choose between spraying a fine mist or spraying with a powerful jet.

Line pump: this design ensures a powerful and direct function. The nozzle, valve cap, high-pressure piston and suction mechanism are all in-line for reliable, consistent operation.

Patented mechanism for ease of use: the sprayer requires less pressing force to prevent fatigue during use.

Valve: ensures the dispersion of a sufficient amount of liquid regardless of the amount in the tank.

The most chemically resistant sprayer on the market: all parts are made of polypropylene or polyethylene, with no rubber rings or seals that can dry out or wear out. The springs and the adjustment valve are made of the highest quality stainless steel.

Special pressure release mechanism: prevents the bottle from bursting no matter how hard you spray. A special ventilation system reduces the pressure and prevents the product container from bursting.

Lid with standard 28 mm thread: fits any container, glass, metal or plastic, which is equipped with a 28 mm thread.

Container: it is equipped with a handle adapted to the shape of the palm and a scale for measuring the remaining liquid.

P968-60007,95  (59,90 kn) /pc

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