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Bookkeeper is a revolutionary neutralization product that safely neutralizes acids and extends the life of paper at least 3-5 times longer than untreated material would last. With Bookkeeper spray, you can safely preserve manuscripts, documents, books, folders, posters and other paper-based materials that are kept in museums, archives, libraries and collections around the world today. All Bookkeeper products are non-toxic, harmless, free of CFCs and solvents. The products do not clump, are practically odorless and dry quickly.

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Bookkeeper Scattering System

Some acid neutralization systems use a cylinder of compressed nitrogen as a propellant to propel the neutralizing agent. Many institutions believe that there are health and safety hazards when using this method. In contrast, the Bookkeeper neutralization system is completely non-toxic, containing no toxic substances, solvents or harmful “greenhouse” CFC gases. Bookkeeper solution is non-clogging, virtually odorless and dries within minutes.

The spray system consists of a pressurized tank with a volume of 7.5 l, a spray nozzle and a compressor. This system is ideal for use on larger surface materials. Refill containers of Bookkeeper solution come in 5.6 kg packages. The system itself is easy to use and represents an economical solution for the neutralization of large format documents, folders and collections consisting of a large number of separate documents.

The system requires an air compressor with a minimum capacity of 60 l/min at a pressure of 3 to 3.5 bar, which can be ordered together with the rest of the system if desired. Bookkeeper solution can be ordered in 3.54 liter packages that have an almost unlimited shelf life and can be effectively used for several years. One package is enough for approximately 75 m 2 or about 1200 pages of DIN A4 size.

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B01Bookkeeper pump 150 g2 m2 = 30 – 32 pages. A457,06  (429,92 kn) /pc
B02Bookkeeper refill 900 g12 m2 = 190 – 195 pages. A4183,14  (1.379,87 kn) /pc
B03Bookkeeper refill 5690 g75 m2 = 1200 pages. A4997,20  (7.513,40 kn) /pc

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