Photo album-box DIN A3

26,07  (196,42 kn) /pc

The compact archival photo album-box enables safe and professional storage of photos, slides, negatives, postcards, postage stamps, coins and numerous other items. This box is equipped with a quality mechanism with 4 rings.

In the archival photo album-box it is possible to store approx. 50-80 album pages compatible with the 4-ring mechanism. The box is made of durable, aging-resistant archival cardboard, which gives the box exceptional strength and enables safe storage of material in album pages. Inside the box there are 2 white non-buffered archival cardboards that serve as additional protection for the stored photos.

The lid on the photo album-box fits very precisely and prevents dust from entering the interior, thereby increasing the strength of the box.

  • acid free
  • pH 7.5 – 10
  • PAT test
  • Premium quality archival cardboard
  • capacity: 50 – 80 album pages
  • with 4-ring mechanism and two non-buffered photocardboards
  • the box is delivered assembled
  • label the boxes with self-adhesive label holders
20 0992326,07  (196,42 kn) /pc

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