Photo album-box made of corrugated cardboard DIN A4

18,30  (137,88 kn) /pc

The compact archival photo album-box enables safe and professional storage of photos, slides, negatives, postcards, postage stamps, coins and numerous other items. This box is equipped with a quality mechanism with 4 rings.

The one-piece high-quality photo album box is equipped with a 4-ring mechanism that securely holds up to 80 album pages . It closes tightly and protects against light. In the closed state, the shorter sides of the box form double the thickness of the wall, and the longer ones on the closed side form four times the thickness. It is made of 1.8 mm thick microwave cardboard, light gray on the outside and white on the inside.

  • 100% bleached cellulose
  • without the use of recycled fibers
  • kappa number 1 – 2 (without lignin)
  • pH 7.5 – 10.0 according to DIN ISO 6588-1:2012
  • alkaline buffer> 2% natural calcium carbonate
  • without optical brighteners
  • resistant to soiling
  • PAT ( Photographic Activity Test ) according to ISO 18916:2007
  • mechanism made of quality steel, nickel-plated, does not contain heavy metals
  • internal dimensions: 335 x 320 x 55 mm
  • external dimensions: 343 x 334 x 60 mm
  • label the boxes with self-adhesive label holders
K65290018,30  (137,88 kn) /pc

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