Humidifier Brune B250

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Brune humidifiers ensure a pleasant microclimate and have a beneficial effect on preserving people’s health and protecting sensitive objects. Optimum air humidity reduces the possibility of respiratory diseases in heated living spaces, and also protects art, furniture, wooden floors, textiles and various other items in depots or office/working spaces from deterioration. Humidifiers work on the principle of water evaporation, which is generally considered the best and most economical mode of operation.

Moldel Brune B250 is intended for larger spaces up to 500 m 3 and is suitable both for private residential spaces and for professional use in depots, business and exhibition spaces, museums, galleries, archives. The B250 model is characterized by a high level of craftsmanship, fully automatic control, an integrated electronic hygrostat, a fan with several stages of operation and a practical water level indicator.

The incoming air first passes through a special filter, which further purifies it. After that, the air passes through the rotating disk of the evaporative filter with special pores thanks to which the evaporation surface increases, i.e. it achieves high humidification efficiency. Air moistened in this way is evenly blown into the environment, without the risk of condensation.

The control panel is extremely clear and allows for continuous insight into the state of the device and easy adjustment. It is possible to select 3 fan settings. When the “auto” setting is selected, the electronics take over all control functions and adjust the power according to needs. If there is a big difference between the set and actual relative humidity in the room, the built-in fan works at a higher speed. As soon as the set value approaches the actual relative humidity, the fan switches to a lower operating level. It is also possible to manually select between two rotation speeds. If the device runs out of water, it will automatically turn off. The control panel can be locked to prevent unauthorized adjustment of the device.

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