Humidifiers-air purifiers Defensor PH15 and Defensor PH28

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The Defensor PH15, a humidifier-air purifier, is the successor of the extremely successful Defensor PH14 model, and the Defensor PH28 of the Defensor PH27 model. PH15 and PH28 work on the principle of water evaporation, humidifying the air with minimal energy consumption, and are particularly suitable for museums, galleries, business and residential premises. Also, in offices, humidors or other rooms where a pleasant room atmosphere is required, they efficiently humidify and at the same time clean the air from dust and other pollutants. Undemanding maintenance, easy handling, and low operating costs are the features of this Swiss-made humidifier. PH15 and PH28 also ensure a high level of user comfort, superior reliability and safety, thanks to the use of the latest technology. Defensor models humidify the air in almost all museums and restoration institutes, as well as numerous galleries, archives and depots in Croatia and BiH.

Advantages of Defensor PH15 and PH28:

Simple and easy to operate and requires very little maintenance. The water tank on wheels of 20 l (PH15) or 30 l (PH28) allows easy filling, especially if a water tap is not nearby. For connection to the water supply, the Defensor PH15A and PH28A models are available. In this variant, the Aquastop system prevents any damage caused by water. The intelligent design enables a construction in which very few parts are in contact with water. This prevents the formation of larger scale deposits, and periodic cleaning covers a small number of parts.

Hygienic humidification without dust

For high-quality humidification, a silver ionization option is available. This keeps the water clean, free of fungi, and enables biologically safe air humidification. Depending on the season and the need for humidification, the filters can be changed, a winter set for better humidification and a summer set for better air purification. The Quattro filter system filters the smallest dust particles (pollen) as well as unpleasant odors and thus allows the air to remain clean and fresh.

Economical work

Using advanced microprocessor technology, the humidification capacity can be automatically adjusted
control. The measurement is performed with a built-in sensor. There is also a wireless sensor as an option. One wireless sensor can control up to 4 Defensors. Data is transmitted via radio connection, so there is no need to lay cables. As protection against unwanted use, the device can be locked with buttons (extremely important for public spaces).

Features of Defensor PH15 and PH28:

– low energy consumption with fully automatic operation, easy and simple handling

– air purification with the Quattro filter system, direct connection to the water supply (model PH15A or PH28A)

– low noise level, no need for installation, the device is mobile, on wheels

– silver ionization for hygienic humidification (option)

Technical data Defensor PH15:

Energy consumption: max. 72 W; Water tank capacity: 20 liters; Dimensions (LxHxW): 730 x 610 x 370 mm; Weight of empty device: 25 kg; Certificates: VDE, CE, GS, GOST

Defensor PH28 technical data:

Energy consumption: max. 128 W; Water tank capacity: 30 liters; Dimensions (LxHxW): 800 x 750 x 440 mm; Weight of empty device: 43 kg; Certificates: VDE, CE, GS, GOST

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