Humidifier Brune B125

212,36  (1.600,03 kn) /pc

In the room humidifier category, we offer you a model intended for use in rooms up to 140 m3. Brune B125 will ensure an ideal level of relative humidity in work and living spaces, especially during the winter. Its advantage is compactness, portability and light weight. Because of these properties, it is also suitable for use in exhibition cases .

We especially emphasize the noiselessness of this humidifier, low electricity consumption, easy handling and an excellent filter that cleans the air of dust and impurities. Only clean moisture is released into the space, so there will be no limescale deposition on objects around the device, and furniture and artwork will be safe from drying out. We must not ignore the benefits that an optimal level of relative humidity has on human health.

Humidification capacity is almost 1 l/h (at 25 °C and 20 % RH). Other technical data can be viewed here .

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BOB125450 x 285 x 298212,36  (1.600,03 kn) /pc

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