Horizontal book stand

27,20  (204,94 kn) 29,84  (224,83 kn) /pc

Museum-quality workmanship. The finest crystal clear acrylic with simply smooth rounded corners. Ideal for reading room, photography or exhibition. It provides the best protection when handling sensitive books.

  • the books lie open at an ideal angle that does not cause the spine of the book to crack

You can see more details about the dimensions of the racks here.

SKUSize H/W/LPriceBuy
918981532,5 x (2 x) 7,6 x 12,2 cm27,20  (204,94 kn) /pc
918981542,5 x (2 x) 10,2 x 12,2 cm28,08  (211,57 kn) /pc
918981732,5 x (2 x) 7,6 x 17,8 cm28,61  (215,56 kn) /pc
918981742,5 x (2 x) 10,2 x 17,8 cm29,84  (224,83 kn) /pc

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