Book Support System

27,86  (209,91 kn) 157,13  (1.183,90 kn) /pair, /pc

The foam book stand is suitable for use in reading rooms as well as for photography and exhibitions. These book stands are made of foam material and are designed to provide the highest possible protection when using and handling sensitive and valuable books.

Each stand consists of 5 parts: 2 beveled supports, 2 rectangles and 1 back support with a pentagonal section. The installation of rectangular supports depends on the thickness of the book and the side on which the book is opened. The spine support supports the ridge of the spine when displaying open hardcover books and thus prevents damage.

It is possible to choose between 4 historical book formats (octave, quarto, large quarto, folio)

Weights to hold book pages open

SKUProduct nameDimenzija baze v/š/dPriceBuy
10 29 008Foam stand, "octave" format160 x 200 mm27,86  (209,91 kn) /pc
10 29 014Foam stand, "quart" format190 X 300 mm46,31  (348,92 kn) /pc
10 29 024Foam stand, "quart large" format260 x 400 mm66,88  (503,91 kn) /pc
10 29 002Foam stand, "folio" format350 X 520 mm157,13  (1.183,90 kn) /pc
10 46 155Weight to hold the pages of a book open, lengthwise. 55 cm, pair.44,71  (336,87 kn) /pair
10 46 140Weight to hold the pages of a book open, lengthwise. 40 cm, pair.39,85  (300,25 kn) /pair

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