Agate – a polishing stone

33,18  (249,99 kn) 41,04  (309,22 kn) /pc

The semi-precious stone agate mainly consists of chalcedony and flint. Because of its beautiful colors, it is used to make ornaments and jewelry, its resistance to chemicals has made it applicable in various technical branches, and as a polisher it is especially accepted in goldsmithing .

The smooth surface of this mineral proved to be excellent for smoothing or polishing gold leaves . Since this mineral is quite expensive, a small piece of agate is shaped into the desired shape and attached to a metal frame that continues onto a wooden handle. We offer seven types of tips, and we can offer you others as well. Because it is sensitive to scratches, agate should be kept away from rough materials. It is best to protect it by wrapping it in cloth.

SKUProduct nameApproximate length of the agate/cmPribližna radna širina ahata/cmPriceBuy
GMB1AHAgate – polishing stone, no. 121.533,32  (251,05 kn) /pc
GMB2AHAgate – polishing stone, no. 23338,34  (288,87 kn) /pc
GMB3AHAgate – polishing stone, no. 331.538,34  (288,87 kn) /pc
GMB5AHAgate – polishing stone, no. 53338,90  (293,09 kn) /pc
GMB12AHAgate – polishing stone, no. 1224.541,04  (309,22 kn) /pc
GMB15AHAgate – polishing stone, no. 152.50.533,32  (251,05 kn) /pc
GMB16AHAgate – polishing stone, no. 161.52.533,18  (249,99 kn) /pc

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