Book paper – leather imitation

30,51  (229,88 kn) 55,73  (419,90 kn) /pkg

Since 2017 the first bookbinding paper in the world with the texture of natural leather is available. It is neither visually nor tactilely inferior to real leather. According to the way of use, it can give an impression of high style, but also a touch of rusticity. Twelve colors are available. This acid-free, pH-neutral paper is suitable for the most common printing methods: letterpress, blind printing… In addition to bookbinding, it is ideal for business cards, folders, brochures, invitations, greeting cards and the like (printing on the upper side of the paper is recommended). The paper has an FSC ecological certificate.

  • 12 colors
  • acid-free – pH neutral
  • raster width 80 l/cm
  • pack of 10 sheets
SKUBojaWeightSize (cm)PriceBuy
KPEA001Tangerine240 g70 x 10030,51  (229,88 kn) /pkg
KPEA002Coin250 g70 x 10051,75  (389,91 kn) /pkg
KPEA003Snow300 g70 x 10030,51  (229,88 kn) /pkg
KPEA004Alabaster300 g70 x 10030,51  (229,88 kn) /pkg
KPEA005Peanut300 g70 x 10033,17  (249,92 kn) /pkg
KPEA006Peble300 g70 x 10037,15  (279,91 kn) /pkg
KPEA007Lipstick300 g70 x 10037,15  (279,91 kn) /pkg
KPEA008Coal300 g70 x 10043,79  (329,94 kn) /pkg
KPEA009Silver310 g70 x 10055,73  (419,90 kn) /pkg
KPEA010Mocha350 g70 x 10049,09  (369,87 kn) /pkg
KPEA011Night350 g70 x 10049,09  (369,87 kn) /pkg
KPEA012Peacock350 g70 x 10049,09  (369,87 kn) /pkg

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