Archival envelopes/envelopes

0,33  (2,49 kn) 0,51  (3,84 kn) /pc

An ideal solution for storing individual documents, drawings, manuscripts, pictures, etc. The archival envelope is glued with acid-free glue, and the opening is on one shorter page and is closed with a flap.

The archival envelope/envelope is made of white acid-free archival paper of Premium Plus quality. The paper has a weight of 120 g/m 2 , does not contain chlorine (TCF – totally chlorine free ), has an alkaline reserve and meets the PAT test and the international standard ISO9706.

SKUDimenzije unutarnje (cm)PriceBuy
20 61315DIN A5 22.9 x 16.20,33  (2,49 kn) /pc
20 61310DIN A4 32.5 x 230,36  (2,71 kn) /pc
20 6130036 x 250,51  (3,84 kn) /pc

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