Pressure Sensitive Mending Tissue

14,59  (109,93 kn) 31,84  (239,90 kn) /pc

Archivally safe paper repair tape is a great solution for repairing damaged paper art, book pages, documents, folders and paper crafts.

This acid-free tape is very thin but also very strong and is practically invisible after application. The tape does not contain lignin and will not turn yellow over time. Contains permanent acrylic adhesive that is reversible (removable with mineral spirits).

Brief instructions for use:

  • peel off the tape from the base
  • peel off enough tape to cover the damage
  • place the tape on the damage and gently “iron” it with a spatula or bending bone
  • for additional reinforcement, the same procedure can be repeated on the other side of the damage
60 571011.3 cm x 15.20 m14,59  (109,93 kn) /pc
60 570952.5 cm x 10.66 m15,91  (119,87 kn) /pc
60 570962.5 cm x 29.87 m31,84  (239,90 kn) /pc

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