Archive folder for larger formats

17,78  (133,96 kn) 25,64  (193,18 kn) /pc

Photos, drawings, plans, posters and other works in large formats are usually inconvenient to handle and store due to their very dimensions. The damage is often caused by folding or rolling to store them in smaller format folders. Fragile papers, works of art, photographs, posters should never be folded. Works in large formats should not even be transferred for study, presentation, etc. without support and protection.

Archival acid-free folder-folders for larger formats have been tested and confirmed as the most favorable solution for the mentioned problems. They comply with the ICN 3/11 standard, which means that they are suitable for long-term content storage; even up to 40 years.

Despite their dimensions, they are easy to handle because they are made of light, acid-free corrugated cardboard.

  • 3 mm thick corrugated cardboard
  • acid free
  • without lignin
  • gray blue color
  • with flaps
  • perforated spine
  • PAT test
  • DIN ISO 9706, FSC

The archival folder for larger formats is compatible with our folder holders with flap and without flap . To close the folders, we recommend self-adhesive velcro in the form of dots or strips .

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JN301311392 x 60.5 x 117,78  (133,96 kn) /pc
JN3003113120.3 x 87.2 x 125,64  (193,18 kn) /pc

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