Phosphor bronze brushes

16,05  (120,93 kn) 35,03  (263,93 kn) /pc

Brushes made of phosphor bronze are intended for cleaning stone and metal surfaces, and are made of twisted stainless phosphor bronze wires that are placed in a wooden handle for firm and 100% effective action without the formation of scratches. While the wires on ordinary industrial brushes rotate freely in space during use, leaving unsightly scratches, with the phosphor bronze brush all the wires move together as a whole, thus obtaining safer cleaning without scratches even on the most sensitive stone surfaces.

These brushes have proven to be an excellent solution in cleaning historic buildings in the UK, especially when Vulpex soap was used to clean the stone.

Also, metal restorers consider phosphor bronze brushes to be an excellent and effective solution for removing corrosion, as well as for polishing jobs with minimal scratches. For the final step in the polishing process to achieve a silky smooth finish, Pre-lim surface cleaning paste is recommended.

They are also used in the restoration of weapons and armor, as well as other metals.

    • stainless wires made of phosphor bronze
    • 100% effective without scratching
    • all wires move together as a unit for scratch-free cleaning
    • effective solution for corrosion removal and polishing in metal restoration
SKUProduct nameSize (mm)Wire lengthPriceBuy
80 PHB01Phosphor bronze brush - "Scrub Brush"133 x 502535,03  (263,93 kn) /pc
80 PHB02Phosphor bronze brush - "Toothbrush"178 x 162516,05  (120,93 kn) /pc
80 PHB03Phosphor bronze brush - "Sculptor's Brush"330 (length)3424,81  (186,93 kn) /pc

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