Bookbinding press and frame for sewing books – bookbinding sewing machine

Book presses

The manual wooden press with beech screws is made of oak and impregnated with wax. It is used for multiple purposes. It is possible to use it to press finished books laid between boards, and a book block can be attached to it so that a capital ribbon can be sewn on it, and other purposes.

Press for tensioning protruding laces – serves to tighten protruding laces on the spine of the book block. In addition, ready-made bindings can be pressed into such a press in order to print decorations or textiles on the spine using the technique of gold printing or blind printing. It is also used to attach the book block so that the capital ribbon can be sewn onto it.

This is a type of press that has multiple uses and is extremely useful precisely because of its capabilities.

Frame for sewing books – bookbinding sewing machine

Book sewing frame made of high-quality wood with deep threads on the posts. The working surface (distance between the posts) is 61 cm, and the working height is from 30 to 66 cm. The frame for sewing books is an indispensable tool for every bookbinding conservator – restorer.

  • working length: 61cm; working height: 30-66 cm

Three pieces of two models of sewing keys each come with the sewing machine. These compact and heavy-duty wrenches are made of brass and are used to fasten tape or twine under the sewing frame. A-shaped spanners are often used in sewing with string, while H-shaped spanners are intended for sewing with tape.

  • dimensions of the ‘A-key’: 1.6 x 5.4 cm
  • dimensions of the ‘H-key’: 2.2 x 4.7 cm

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