Low-pressure device for repairing loose bindings – book

157,94  (1.190,00 kn) 1.718,76  (12.950,00 kn) /pc

SBD1 is a special low-pressure table – vacuum cleaner. The device is intended for repairing loose bindings – books in one piece, i.e. without spreading. The device consists of a wedge-shaped suction body (which allows it to be inserted between the pages of a book) and a solid plastic support whose geometry can be adjusted. The suction body is made of porous, hydrophobic material or in the form of a perforated PVC plate. Two types of suction body are supplied with the device as standard. An additional hydrophilic porous plate must be ordered separately. A standard industrial vacuum cleaner for wet/dry vacuuming, which must be ordered separately, is responsible for suction and creating a vacuum in the low-pressure table SBD1. It is possible to use different types of vacuum cleaners that have the ability to suck water, but it is recommended to use vacuum cleaners with electronic regulation of the suction power. It is possible to adjust the geometry of the book support and thus adjust it to the size of the book and place it exactly on the place on the book cover where the page that needs to be conserved is located. The parts of the book support are simply attached to the desired location using 2 cam screws (shafts). The suction nozzle of the book support can be attached on both sides of the support. The entire device is easy to disassemble and clean.

Technical data:

  • external dimensions: 48 x 50 x 45 cm (lxwxh)
  • dimensions of the suction part: 33 x 24 cm
  • suction body height 21 cm
  • vacuum cleaner connection diameter (female) 2.54 cm
  • maximum working temperature 40 °C
  • device weight approx. 5 kg
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30 3007-12Low-pressure device for repairing loose bindings - book1.718,76  (12.950,00 kn) /pc
30 3012Porous hydrophobic plate157,94  (1.190,00 kn) /pc
30 3013Porous hydrophilic plate157,94  (1.190,00 kn) /pc
30 3011Perforated top panel (PVC)211,03  (1.590,01 kn) /pc

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