Sewing needles

2,64  (19,89 kn) 25,10  (189,12 kn) /pc, /set

Straight needles

The straight needles in our offer are made of the highest quality steel and are suitable for the work of bookbinders and textile restorers.

  • traditional bookbinding needles, of a size suitable for sewing with strong (robust) bookbinding thread and have a slightly blunt tip to reduce paper tearing.
  • Darner needles, due to their specific oblong eye, are suitable for sewing with thicker bookbinding thread as well as for mending and mending heavier materials.
  • thin and flexible needle suitable for working with very thin threads (e.g. silk)

Curved needles (bookends)

  • most commonly used in Coptic bindings and other historical book structures.
  • prices and availability on request
SKUProduct namePack sizeSize (cm)PriceBuy
TT39005Straight Needles Beading size #12Set of 25 pieces5.0812,83  (96,67 kn) /set
TT39007Darner straight needles size #18Set of 25 pieces6.0412,83  (96,67 kn) /set
TT40006Curved needles size #5Set of 12 pieces3.1825,10  (189,12 kn) /set
TT42001Threading needle..2,64  (19,89 kn) /pc

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