Woven Reading Ribbon

119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll

At the same time a practical aid and a decent ornament, dividers or display ribbons have been an established instrument for easier orientation among tens or hundreds of pages of books for centuries.

The oldest tapes come from the VI century. century, and a careful observer will already notice them in the paintings of early Renaissance masters. Since the development of industry in the XIX. century their mass production begins.

Professional books in which it is necessary to quickly find the appropriate place or table without unnecessary scrolling, voluminous church books such as chronology, etc. they are unthinkable without practical dividing strips that save time.

Modern diaries, planners, diaries, address books have at least one such display ribbon, while for more extensive notebooks, a combination of several ribbons of different colors is recommended.

The dividing strips from our offer are made of knitted viscose, they are smooth and gentle on the paper, they hardly get dirty and they do not damage the pages. The choice of colors is large enough to use them to associate the visual identity of your company in an elegant way

  • viscose
  • width 6 mm
  • roll 900 m long
JN001White119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN373Cream119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN038Light yellow119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN069Dark yellow119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN067Gold119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN607Orange119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN676Red119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN687Burgundy119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN795Fuchsia119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN798Light violet119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN782Dark violet119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN295Light blue119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN259Dark blue119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN167ELight green119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN116Dark green119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN486Light brown119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN457Dark brown119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN863Silver119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN866Grey119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll
JN011Black119,46  (900,07 kn) /roll

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