Archival paper – roll

46,44  (349,90 kn) 106,16  (799,86 kn) /roll

Archival paper buffered – roll

Archival quality white paper is the ideal solution for wrapping, separating and protecting documents and works of art. This paper is easy to fold, cut and shape and is extremely suitable for creating individual folders adapted to the subject.

  • archival quality white paper
  • TCF 100%, acid-free, wood-free, alkaline buffered, aging-resistant according to DIN ISO 9706
  • 80 g/m2

Archival paper unbuffered – roll

Cream-colored archival unbuffered paper intended for protecting and separating photos. Thanks to the high proportion of α-cellulose fibers (95 – 97%), high durability and resistance to aging are guaranteed.

  • satisfies the PAT
  • unbuffered archival quality paper
  • acid-free, without lignin (Kappa< 2), does not contain optical brighteners, resistant to aging
  • 100 g/m2
SKUProduct nameSizePriceBuy
20 99885Archival paper buffered - roll91.4 cm x 50.0 m46,44  (349,90 kn) /roll
20 09950Archive paper unbuffered - roll1 x 100 m106,16  (799,86 kn) /roll

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