Klucel G

81,12  (611,20 kn) /pc

Medium viscosity, nonionic cellulose ether, soluble in water and in organic solvents: e.g. in mixtures of ethanol, isopropanol or acetone with water (9:1), as well as in water. The dried layer of Klucel is flexible. It does not become sticky even in conditions of increased humidity. Klucel dissolves only in cold water (up to 38 °C), so it can be used for color fixation if warm moistening is not possible. When dissolved in solvents, klucel can be used on water-sensitive objects: in ethanol (2%) for fixing powder ink on parchment, for fixing and impregnating water-sensitive leathers and for joining (gluing) water-sensitive papers (in this in this case, a mixture of up to 30 %) is used.

  • packaging: 500 g
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10 41 500500 g81,12  (611,20 kn) /pc

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