Secol V-MOUNT mounting strips

17,24  (129,89 kn) /pkg

The Secol V-MOUNT mounting system is an elegant and flexible solution for mounting your photos. Thanks to a special patented design, these self-adhesive polyester strips ensure reliable mounting of your photos, whether you put them in an ordinary album or on museum acid-free cardboard .

Secol V-Mount strips are completely inert and archival safe, have a characteristic section in the shape of the letter “V” and can be very easily shortened to the required length. A layer of neutral acrylic glue is applied to one outer side of the strip, which ensures a firm adhesion to the album page or cardboard base. Thanks to the special design, your photo is firmly placed inside the strip and only comes into contact with the pure polyester from which the strips are made.

Thanks to the mentioned characteristics, the Secol V-MOUNT strips represent a simple, unobtrusive and safe solution for mounting your photo collection.

  • dimensions 8 mm x 200 mm
  • 25 strips in a package
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40 AMTSTV814Y758 x 20017,24  (129,89 kn) /pkg

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