Gilding Tools

13,65  (102,85 kn) 29,72  (223,93 kn) /pc

Gilding cushion

A leather surface on which to manipulate leaves before cutting. The cushion has a knife support at the top and a non-slip grip below.

  • size 18 x 28 cm

Gilding knives

Available with one or two cutting profiles, the burnishing knife enables users to section leaves, applying slight pressure and a cutting movement on them. It is also useful as a tool with which to transfer leaves from books to gilder’s cushions.

  • size 14/15 cm
SKUProduct namePriceBuy
GMB2ZDPSGGilding Cushion29,72  (223,93 kn) /pc
GMB2ZDQSEGilding Knife (one cutting profile)13,65  (102,85 kn) /pc
GMB2ZDQTEGilding Knife (two cutting profiles)13,65  (102,85 kn) /pc

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