Fine cow leathers

1,71  (12,88 kn) /dm2

High-quality cow leathers have a natural matte surface, smooth, dyed with aniline, very high quality and durable, so they are suitable for bookbinding, restoration, gilding, blind printing… Their thickness is from 0.9 to 1.1 mm.

They are processed by combining vegetable and mineral dyes. Their structure is very similar to calf leather, so they are ideal for making valuable items.

Despite the most modern techniques in tanning and dyeing, they should not be exposed to strong light. Over time and long-term use, they will develop a patina, which will make them even more unique and exclusive.

Their popularity among restorers and bookbinders is evidenced by the fact that they have been among the best sellers in this product line for several years.

  • finished leathers have an area of about 260 dm 2 and are sold whole or in half (about 130 dm 2 )
  • delivery time is about 30 days

For example, the price for one whole hide with an area of 260 dm 2 is 355.68 + VAT (2,679.87 kn + VAT), while for half of such a hide with an area of 130 dm 2 the price is €222.30 + VAT (1,674.92 kn + VAT ).

HF700JFine cowhide (dm2)Black1,71  (12,88 kn) /dm2
HF710JFine cowhide (dm2)Grey1,71  (12,88 kn) /dm2
HF712JFine cowhide (dm2)Dark brown1,71  (12,88 kn) /dm2
HF713JFine cowhide (dm2)Teak1,71  (12,88 kn) /dm2
HF715JFine cowhide (dm2)Cognac1,71  (12,88 kn) /dm2
HF716JFine cowhide (dm2)Nougat1,71  (12,88 kn) /dm2
HF720JFine cowhide (dm2)Porcelain1,71  (12,88 kn) /dm2

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