Entomological accessories – needles and boxes

5,30  (39,93 kn) 41,79  (314,87 kn) /pc, /pkg

Entomological boxes

Entomological boxes are specially designed for mounting and displaying botanical or zoological specimens. The box is made of cardboard, and a glass window is placed on the upper side, which ensures an unobstructed view of the stored samples. We recommend filling and covering the box with Avos polyester wool or mounting foam for easier installation of exhibits.

Entomological needles

Elegant black entomological pins for mounting insects and small biological specimens. Extremely sharp tip.

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160K01031Entomological box, glass lid, dim. 18 x 23 cm27,46  (206,90 kn) /pc
160K01041Entomological box, glass lid, dim. 23 x 30 cm33,56  (252,86 kn) /pc
160K01051Entomological box, glass cover, dim. 30 x 40 cm37,94  (285,86 kn) /pc
160K01071Entomological box, glass lid, dim. 40 x 50 cm41,79  (314,87 kn) /pc
160K05101Entomological needles, black, no. 000, 100 pcs5,30  (39,93 kn) /pkg
160K05104Entomological needles, black, no. 00, 100 pcs5,30  (39,93 kn) /pkg
160K05107Entomological needles, black, no. 0, 100 pcs5,30  (39,93 kn) /pkg
160K05111Entomological needles, black, no. 1, 100 pcs5,30  (39,93 kn) /pkg
160K05122-1Entomological needles, black, no. 2, 100 pcs5,30  (39,93 kn) /pkg
160K05132-1Entomological needles, black, no. 3, 100 pcs5,30  (39,93 kn) /pkg
160K05142-1Entomological needles, black, no. 4, 100 pcs5,30  (39,93 kn) /pkg

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