Archival color / stamp ink

10,30  (77,61 kn) 62,54  (471,21 kn) /pc

Colop’s black archival ink for stamps 805 is extremely durable and resistant to aging and meets all requirements according to the DIN ISO 11798 standard. It should be noted that it fully meets all requirements for permanent, forgery-resistant archival ink according to the DIN ISO 14145-2 standard.

It is particularly suitable for use in archives, museums and libraries.

Please note that the specified ink is used exclusively with stamps with a rubber base and cannot be used with stamps that have a base made of polymer materials. It is also possible to use it in all types of ink pads and automatic stamps with a text plate.

20 9477625 ml10,30  (77,61 kn) /pc
20 94778250 ml62,54  (471,21 kn) /pc

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