Custom Made Museum Display Cases and Exhibition Showcases

Exhibition museum showcases, which are divided into table, freestanding and wall, are an unavoidable and the most representative part of the equipment of any museum. In addition to the existing range of standard larger and smaller models, Crescat also offers you the possibility of making custom display cases. Users have an even wider choice of decorations and accessories for each individual piece.

We pay special attention to the quality of the materials used, bearing in mind the durability requirement of the display cases. The glass is 8.76 mm thick, can have UV protective foil, and the edges are joined at ideal angles. Other materials such as metal, glass, MDF without the addition of formaldehyde and paints are also of exceptional quality and safe for stored items.

In addition to conservation goals, we also take care of safety. Selected models can be locked with locks of leading experts in the field of property protection, which, along with the quality of the material, reduces the possibility of damage from alienation or vandalism.

With additional options, such as the installation of a microclimate or a drawer for ProSorb desiccant cassettes, you can ensure ideal microclimatic conditions for your exhibits. We offer the possibility of choosing the best protection against dust, and LED lights will easily draw the attention of visitors to the exhibits and present them in the most attractive conditions.

The combination of elegant design, safety, technical and microclimatic features of the showcases from the Crescat range is the best guarantee for the professional presentation and preservation of valuable museum material, but also for the superior visual intensity of the visitor experience.


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