Irish Linen Thread

33,60  (253,16 kn) /pc

Linen bookbinding threads of exceptional quality are made from selected natural linen and are especially adapted for traditional bookbinding techniques (hand sewing). The threads from our offer are “polished”, that is, a small amount of wax is added during the knitting of the thread, which results in threads of exceptional strength, compactness and luxurious shine. Standard wax-coated threads are not desirable for bookbinding because they contain too much wax and are almost sticky to the touch. At high temperatures, such threads can begin to release wax and thus cause stains on the paper. Because of all the above, the “polished” threads from our offer are an ideal solution for bookbinding.

  • the highest quality bookbinding linen threads, made from 100% of the finest linen
  • the threads are knitted from three threads
  • sold in 50 gram spools (coils)
TT43017Black33,60  (253,16 kn) /pc
TT43019Burgundy33,60  (253,16 kn) /pc
TT43021Brown33,60  (253,16 kn) /pc
TT43023Green33,60  (253,16 kn) /pc
TT43025Blue33,60  (253,16 kn) /pc
TT43027Yellow33,60  (253,16 kn) /pc
TT43029Red33,60  (253,16 kn) /pc
TT43031Olive33,60  (253,16 kn) /pc

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